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Analytics Software Matomo integrates ASPSMS
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ASPSMS is now part of Matomo through the Mobile messaging settings.
ASPSMS is now part of Matomo through the Mobile messaging settings.

Matomo, formerly Piwik, is the world Leading Open Source Analytics application which can be installed locally or in the cloud. More than 1,000,000 websites are using Matomo for analytics.

1 Meldung im Zusammenhang

Matomo decided to implement the SMS-interface as an analytics report channel besides email-channel because SMS is very reliable and quick way to send key analytics statistics. It is necessary for decision makers to get statistics to their mobile phone if they choose so. SMS gets more attention than email and therefore SMS channel is a great notification feature for webmasters, Marketing teams and operational staff. Every phone supports SMS and the acceptance level is high as statistics reveals key information.

Choice of an SMS gateway

Matomo team chose ASPSMS as an SMS gateway, because ASPSMS provides worldwide network coverage, proven and long-term reliability and easy integration with plenty of technical interfaces.

Co-founder, Matthieu Aubry, comments: «ASPSMS integration was easy and went well.»

Stefan, one of Matomo's developers who did the integration into ASPSMS, says «Thanks to an easy to understand API the SMS integration was done in a couple of hours. We got SMS credits upfront for testing which helped a lot.»

Easy to use

Matthieu Aubry explains: «We implemented the integration so, that first we instruct our users to register own ASPSMS account and purchase some SMS credits. After that the clients just enters his ASPSMS credentials to his Matomo installation and that's it.»

«SMS channel is then configured and ready to be used to receive the Key Performance Indicators daily, weekly or monthly. The ASPSMS integration was easiest to do that way as now we don't have any administrative overhead to organize billing of the SMS usage. Clients are responsible by themselves that they have enough ASPSMS credits. Everything has worked smoothly.»

ASPSMS is now part of Matomo through the Mobile messaging settings

As an ASPSMS client, you also have possibility to install Matomo as your analytics tool and just enter your ASPSMS credentials to the Matomo integration. As Matomo is free of charge open source platform, it just costs the installation work resources to your company.

Feel free to install Matomo on: and configure SMS reports with your ASPSMS credentials.

Straightforward integration

Matomo is a good example how ASPSMS can be easily implemented to specific software where it is essential to send important notifications or communication with SMS. ASPSMS can be implemented transparently towards end-users as Matomo has done but it is naturally possible to be implemented so that end-users do not see which SMS-gateway is used in the backend. In that case it is up to a software provider to administrate and bill SMS usage costs from their client or to decide another kind of business model for this valuable extra feature on their software.

Text message notification for my software

If your company has developed any kind of software or a cloud solution where you believe that SMS notification solution would be useful, do a pilot integration with ASPSMS. You will be delighted how easy the integration work will be. We are confident your clients will appreciate the new feature which you provide in your software.

If you have run out of credits and you need some test credits for your pilot integration, please write to a short email where you tell your integration plans and request test credits. You can also purchase credits easily after your login to your ASPSMS account.

If you have any questions regarding the integration work, feel free to contact us anytime. We are happy to assist you.


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