Bill Liao: Passing the baton of the Elders
publiziert: Dienstag, 28. Sep 2010 / 20:10 Uhr / aktualisiert: Montag, 22. Nov 2010 / 16:32 Uhr
Next year in Zurich: The 'One Young World'-Event.
Next year in Zurich: The 'One Young World'-Event.

Bill Liao ist ein australischer Unternehmer, Mitgründer des Unternehmer-Networks XING, diverser anderer IT-Unternehmen und von vielen gemeinnützigen Projekten wie von WeForest, einer Initiative zur Wieder-Aufforstung von Brachland. Er wird für regelmässig Beiträge zu Themen, die sich um die Zukunft unseres Planeten drehen, schreiben. publiziert diese auf Englisch.

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Eine der von Bill Liao mit unterstützten Initiativen zur Wiederaufforstung

We all marvel at the gifts of youth and yet when it comes to making a difference in the world we often ignore the young because we are obsessed with listening only to people of stature.

The world however is in a period of accelerated change and thus if we fail to engage the young people of today in the matters that mean the most to them, we also run a very real risk of being made irrelevant.

Given it is difficult if not impossible to change how we are, there needs to be another mechanism that operates to make the necessary shifts to achieve a new and more powerful future of engagement across age groups.

So if you cannot bring someone to the mountain then bring the mountain to them! What if we were to find the 1500 best of the best under 25 young leaders of today and team them up with the best mentors we can find?

What if those mentors gifted their great stature to the young, so that we would find ourselves engaged in and listening to miraculous new projects and movements to solve the issues facing our small world?

Well this year in London that all happened and such a miracle took place in the form of «One Young World», where luminaries such as Desmond TuTu, Sir Bob Geldolf and Muhammad Yunus all gave freely of their time and support to a group of eager young change makers from all over the world.

The event was a resounding success and is now going on the road. After a very heady bidding process, the city to host the 2011 One Young World gathering will be Zurich. I have a personal prediction here: «One Young World Zurich» will produce more lasting change for the good of our planet than another famous Swiss hosted meeting, the «World Economic» Forum.

My prediction: One Young World will do more good than the WEF

Indeed I call on the «World Economic Forum» members to engage «One Young World» and produce even greater results. For surely the problems and issues that our youth are inheriting were created by the generation of leaders who frequent the World Economic Forum.

Now this is not an attack on the «World Economic Forum», just an encouragement to engage with young talent, that is in this fast paced world doing things that even 10 years ago were impossible. For instance «One Young World» has its sights set on delivering a 1 million member Facebook group in time for next September.

Those one million members will be party to a Zurich declaration and such declarations with such support are one of the mechanisms by which major societal change have been affected in past time. Yet with the speed of the internet change can happen at an unprecedented rate.

So take a moment and look to what the youth of today are engaged in and see if you can support their activities as we need to work together to bring into being a world, that is abel to offer our children's children a life worth living.

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