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«Amber bridge midnight, mid-atlantic small, Stargazing stars dancing, Wabi-sabi 'Character building melancholy' understood.»
«Amber bridge midnight, mid-atlantic small, Stargazing stars dancing, Wabi-sabi 'Character building melancholy' understood.»

Bill Liao is entrepreneur and environmentalist. He was invited to give a TED-Lecture in the United States. He decided to travel environmentally conscious and took a container-ship from Europe to the USA where he continues his surface-bound journey.

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Explanation of Wabi-sabi
The explanation of this Japanese philosophical concept on Wikipedia

Bill Liaos reforestation Project
How Bill Liao wants to safe the climate be reforesting arid land.

10 days and 1.4 liters of fuel is what it took me to cross the Atlantic by Container ship.

Yet the journey was much more profound than that. As when you are the only passenger on a working boat, you have a lot of time for reflection.

The Japanese phrase Wabi-sabi refers to the transience of things and also how to find meaning in the imperfections around us. In the middle of the Atlantic I found a moment at midnight where I truly felt the beauty of the imperfect state of being human and mortal.

It made me reflect also on what legacy might result from my brief stay on the Earth. The rhythm's and discomforts of travel by sea are challenging to all the senses, yet there is something majestic in even the most practical vessel. So too it seams to me that there is something majestic possible in the way we humans deal with the world.
What if all our legacies could sum up to leaving the world better than we found it?

Being at sea made me fell a certain poetry, so I hope you join me in contemplation of the impression I have from changing from air travel to a life on the Surface.

Kissing cold Swiss metal, resolved regret-filled unwatched airbus thresholded then life anew a surface dweller.
In service of Earth’s surface. Hacked my past, got peace, designed my, future acting my choices now now now.
Love of soaring, jet set romance, farewell Clooney hello Candy not planes trains.

Peers stunned, respect in awed consternation some call mentalist! Yeah environmentalist!
Long prostrated to false gods of efficiency, denied life’s small pleasures and pains in equal measure.
Efficient transition from womb to tomb? I call DETOUR and refuse the road its inevitable destiny!

Detoured, rooted in a cellar, lost, Skype calls and sales dropping. Missed, parents distant, sunny holidays, TED’s!
Marveling, human ingenuity making natures paradoxical black holes! Incapable of good clear calls or diet soda.
Year two reverse chrysalis disgorges delighted, replete surface dweller, deep conversations, family man, caring.

Others mercy no longer sways. Queues adrift, beeps, x-rays, o so many disapproving airport frowns... no more!
My power of joy restored a long TED wards journey continues. Trepidation? Too much “me time”?
Waiting heels cold, the good ship Amber comes and goes as she pleases, no schedule for tiny me.

She envelops me in her rhythms. Life aboard, wonders and regimens. Sensing my destiny in MY hands.
A calmer being here. A container ship may be a container ship yet the sea is. Each routine sunrise never tiresome.
I explore, Captains warning “If you fall over its much trouble for us, Paperwork!” my life value? a stack.. of.. Forms!

Amber bridge midnight, mid-atlantic small, Stargazing stars dancing, Wabi-sabi “Character building melancholy” understood.
Agitation, curse that flaws so much is calmed I surrender and somehow win.

Sense of immediacy waning, sense of completion Waxing! We mess up our completeness on the altar of urgency!
Urgency or completeness CHOOSE! Urgency, Convenience a two horse apocalyptic creeping race.
Our only gift and curse, Time, finite time, finite time to live well then legacy. Urgent legacy? HA!

Melancholic moment, sacrifices value realized. True dedication has costs fall away leaving me for a moment Whole.
Whole not happy. Both are fleeting, one fulfilling. The discomfort of my skin in this game not cheesy happiness.
A cause, if just, is motivation for an army of discomforts to be embraced. I pitted my little pains against «The whole damn planet!» Earth won.

Aggressively entrepreneurial streak propels Undiplomatic UN diplomat. Devouring data seeking solutions treading toes.
Such revelations accessed on «Global Warming» Scaring me silly. Predictable first reaction? Denial!
Weight of climate data seismically shifting. Scary denial provoking where is the light to share?

Imminent peril invisible but to sages! Lacking a message, a team, a movement! To revolve around what hope?
Our science, complicated expectations unfulfilled breeding distrust. Complicated explanations misunderstood breeding ignorance.
Distrust in the simple that works. Confused with the simplistic that doesn’t and isn’t.

DESIGN Packing difficult and complex into a simple. Simple belies good designs creative effort.
Permaculture, «global ethical design science» simply rehabilitating parched, degraded land back to lush green.
Oil, black platinum, energy source to the stars plowed into the dirt to grow what grows anyway? Temporary Hubris?

Make vast a solar army. Trees creating and stemming from them sustenance, energy. Let our money grow on trees!
Save our oil for soaring over a new eden of our art and science as natures partner a permanent culture lived into.
That future design let into your actions, your journey, in public, tweeted or not. Woven together into our journey.
That new green and blue tapestry abundant! Act in now! Soar over me and we will smile together.

(Bill Liao/news.ch)

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